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    When you're in the world of supercomputing, there aren't a whole lot of people to turn to for help. Thankfully you have Re-Store, the high-performance, supercomputing experts at your side:

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    Re-Store is IBM’s only partner focused exclusively on supercomputing, high-performance computing, and high-performance data analytics. We’re also the people IBM calls when they’re in need of HPC help.

    The difference between us and our competitors is that we talk more than just hardware. We talk workflow and pipeline, and all the layers from middleware to applications.

    When you partner with Re-Store, military-grade technology is deployed directly to your business. Every company resource of ours is devoted to the continual building of supercomputing skills so we can provide custom solutions to your highest-level challenges.

Re-Store's Role as an IBM Specialist and Specialty Integrator

With our IBM credentials, Re-Store employs IBM Spectrum® Computing for intelligent workload and policy-driven resource management to optimize computing clusters across the data center, on premises, and in the cloud, utilizing:

  • Spectrum Compute

  • Spectrum Scale

  • Spectrum Project

  • Spectrum Archive

  • Spectrum Virtualize

If you’re operating without specialty integration, your organization is accepting the responsibility and risks of being a solution architect, implementor, operator, and diagnostic and support expert.

Re-Store has the team in place to carry the workload and burden of unifying the design, delivery, optimization, and ongoing support of your unique HPC and HDPA systems to ensure your success.

Re-Store Specialty Skills and Services

  • Network
    Ethernet Infiniband Convergence Routing Security WAN
  • Storage
    Flash Disk Tape Disaster Recovery Archive Cloud
  • Human
    Technical Skills Organizational Politics Project Management Business Objectives Business Context Technical Context Training
  • Software
    Middleware Linux Proprietary Software Public Domain Custom Programming
  • Compute
    PCU/PGU Provisioning Workload Scheduling Docker Containers Virtualization Cloud

Autonomous HPC and the Re-Store Consultation Process

After your consultation, Re-Store can begin the process of creating custom solutions by leveraging Re-Store’s Autonomous HPC technology to audit your environment. We will quickly identify what tools are already available and where the gaps are within your environment. We’re then able to have an industry-specific business conversation with you, providing a variety of options and solutions that are in line with proposed budgets.

For instance, archiving data is often a big gap with new clients. Organizations tend to send archived data offsite, where it is converted into objects that are stored in a third-party cloud or saved to tape. Either way, this often winds up as a costly archiving solution.

Re-Store’s approach is to re-architect your HPC infrastructure to calibrate and optimize your data for archive. For many of our clients, this has generated savings up to 10 times less than some of our competitors’ architectural solutions.

Re-Store will also audit your disaster recovery/business continuity plans and review regulatory and availability requirements to keep your organization fully compliant.

Need More Assurance ?

Here are some recent Re-Store success stories from our high-performance computing experts:

  • Re-Store led the architectural decisions of a 9,000-node supercomputer for one of the world’s largest automakers. Key development areas included Hadoop big data, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and active safety.

  • A medical behemoth trusted Re-Store with the creation of one of the largest known cloud-based SaaS grids for patient care and decision support.

  • Based on our unparalleled track record, a national insurer chose Re-Store for all the architectural decisions on their processing system requiring 24/7/5-year continuous uptime on claims.

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