Re-Store Video Backgrounder

Michael Sedlmayer (President), Bernard Shen (Dir of Engineering) and John Aiken (Dir of Sales)
discuss the rigors of the data-intensive infrastructure



Life Sciences Specialist

Michael Sedlmayer and Bernard Shen highlight Re-Store’s rich
experience and deep skills in life sciences.


Caris Life Sciences

Listen to a real-life success story where Re-Store added the end-to-end computational, storage, network, scheduling, archive, data protection tools and services  to add genomic studies to Caris’ suite of molecular diagnostics for cancer treatment and research

Link to the IBM press release



Energy and Industrial Sector

The energy and industrial sectors have a longtime reliance on massive data processing and analytics.  With generations of experience and the requirement to make multi-billion dollar decisions, they drive the scale and boundaries of the technology forward faster than any other segment.




Data Protection Solutions with Spectrum Protect

As the name of the company might imply, Re-Store’s 20 year heritage is in storage, archive, and data protection.  It’s this expertise the provided the springboard into massive, data-intensive workflows and the need to build the expertise to approach HPC as a computational problem, plus storage and I/O challenges.