Struggling to get support for Spectrum Scale 5.x from your current grid storage provider? The Re-Store modular approach supports Express, Standard, Advanced and Data Management editions of Spectrum Scale 4.x and 5x.

The Grid Storage & Archive Solution is a combination of proven modular hardware/middleware modules with the experience and judgment to confidently deliver an integrated solution. The modules are independently scalable and can be added to an infrastructure as each feature is required by the workload.

Through a modular approach, Re-Store deliver a comprehensive hardware, software, services, and support solutions based on standardized components that are implemented in a cost-optimal approach that fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Bills of materials are available for all major manufacturers. Supermicro, Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM.




  • Focus is on the creation, centralization, and accumulation of data.
  • Transfer, transportation, and landing zone architectures are significant.



  • Parallel tools and techniques are applied to the data to increase value and derive insight.
  • Compute, Network, and Storage Performance are key design criteria.




Distribute your data product to your:

  • Customers, Patients, Audience, Users, Collaborators



  • In most institutions, Phase 4 is the least understood and under-budgeted but causes the greatest amount of pain.
  • Archival creates an automated tier of long-term storage that ensures lowest cost.
  • Data Protection is complicated by the massive quantities of data involved in data-centric operations.


CPU Compute Model

High-performance Intel and AMD general-purpose HPC compute nodes. 1U, 2U, and 4U rackable configurations, plus dense dual and quad modular systems.

GPU Compute Module

Includes the latest nVidia GPU modules in the design to leverage the massively parallel advantages of thousands of compute cores.

S3 / Swift Object Module

The Object and Network-Attached Storage modules work together to provide three ‘lenses’ through which the systems, users, and collaborators can access data. The Object Module provides web-based, S3 compatible access.

HDD Storage Module

Hard Disk Drive modules provide cost-effective storage for large capacities. Spectrum Scale harnesses the performance of each drive into a high-performance, high-bandwidth storage system. HDD Modules are an important capacity tier.

Flash Storage Module

Flash Storage Modules provide low-latency storage. Flash can be used as a high-performance Tier-0 cache, a Tier-1 working tier, or for high-speed metadata access. Flash provides a perfect top tier in a tiered storage infrastructure.

Spectrum Scale Storage Node

Spectrum Scale NSD nodes offer storage blocks through the Net Shared Disk protocol. The NSD protocol offers robust, high-performance, clustered parallel access to the data.

Network Attached Storage

The Network Attached Storage and Object modules work together to provide three ‘lenses’ through which the systems, users, and collaborators can access data. Network Attached Storage NAS modules offer traditional NAS connectivity with NFSv4, NFSv3, SMB2, and base SMB3 support.

Archive/Backup Module

Archive and Backup modules provide the link to tape.

Tape Storage

Tape is still a very viable storage medium for low-cost data production and archive. With native storage costs under $20 per TB and the single-frame performance up to 10GBps, Tape provides possible transfers of 15TB/day and thus has been proven as a top competitor for cloud archive.