Apply Autonomous Technology to IBM Spectrum Scale

Autonomous automobiles rely on sensor data and on-board analytics to assist you when driving. The system analyzes thousands of data points every second and adjusts when necessary. You are free to focus on getting to your destination. What if you could do the same with IBM Spectrum Scale?

Powerful Analytics to Understand, Automate, and Optimize Your Spectrum Scale Cluster

AutonomousHPC applies similar sensor-driven data and analytics to drive autonomous features to understand, automate, and optimize your high-performance computing (HPC) cluster. AutonomousHPC constantly collects thousands of data points from your cluster.

AutonomousHPC has the power to:


Understand the behaviors of cluster members and the relationships between memory, processor, network, storage, and software.


Automate routine tasks for administrators to allow more time for proactive innovation to deliver more value to the organization.


Predict how the cluster will behave by using machine learning to evaluate all data and measure what is happening against what is needed.

See what autonomous technology can do for you.

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