AfterCare Systems for Spectrum Scale, Spectrum Compute, & Spectrum Protect
Knowledge augmentation for data-centric & compute-intensive systems

Context is the linchpin to Re-Store’s customer support lifeline.  Re-Store’s team approach to design, integration and support allows the engineering team to build context for the entire solution, the customer administrative staff, and the customer’s unique set of challenges.  Re-Store’s AfterCare offering ensures continuous, proactive, reactive and integrated customer assistance.

AfterCare Service Highlights

  • Automatically open a support ticket with an email to or browse to
  • Access expert Spectrum Scale skills without the cost of an expensive full-time resource
  • Eliminate vendor finger pointing. Close the gaps in your diagnostic and technical support coverage
  • Ensure consistent, predictable long-term management on your system with external context
  • Connect with Spectrum Scale experts quickly and conveniently for web meetings, instant messenger, email and conference calls
  • Survive critical outages with an expert team that combines context, tribal knowledge, and industry experience
  • Increase confidence in your service deliver process, reduce operational and technical risk, and slash the costs of accessing Spectrum Scale expertise

AfterCare Support Ticket



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Re-Store Background

Re-Store is an industry-leading computer engineering firm specializing in the architecture, deployment, optimization, and support of Spectrum Scale software.  Spectrum Scale provides a high capacity and high performance clustered, parallel storage infrastructure that supports next generation requirements:

  • Software-Defined Storage (SDS)
  • Network-attached storage (NAS)
  • High performance compute (HPC)
  • Hyper-scale analytics
  • Cloud & object storage
  • Scale-out, scale-up
  • Mass archive and regulatory compliance 

Close the support gaps

The Re-Store AfterCare service offering that helps close the support gaps inherent in today’s sophisticated multi-vendor installations.

Inter-Vendor support gap

Each component of the infrastructure includes manufacturer break/fix support, but leaves key interoperability issues between each technology. 

Business support gap

Every business requirement is unique and dynamic.  The gap between this requirement and the capabilities of the vendor tools is the business support gap.  AfterCare can help define policies, procedures, expectations, configurations and planning tools to continually close this gap. 

Without AfterCare, the customer is left holding the bag for all of the diagnostic, interoperability, and solution gaps between each silo.

Expertise on demand

Spectrum Scale relies on policy-based operation, which eliminates the cost of continuous expert, but there are critical times when the customer staff can benefit from the guidance of an expert.  Re-Store’s AfterCare program ensures that the incumbent management staff can quickly access advice from a senior engineer with first-hand experience across a variety of customer installations and technical situations.  Expert architectural and project guidance can ensure that updates/upgrades happen smoothly, new features are implemented successfully, systems remain operational and risks are minimized.

Solution Support is Custom

Every environment is unique and managed by a staff with a diverse set of skills.  Sometimes those skills overlap, other times they expose gaps in the customer’s technical capabilities.  The AfterCare is custom tailored to close those gaps. 

The AfterCare is an umbrella support policy, that’s focused on closing the unique gaps in the customer’s incumbent infrastructure and abilities.


Log tickets into the Re-Store’s secure support portal

Context is key

A boutique, team-based approach adds context to the support offering.  Re-Store’s team-based approach to support ensures that the engineer understands the customer environment

  • As-built detail of the installation and configuration
  • Historical perspective on the system challenges
  • Comprehension of the function of the installed system
  • Professional relationships with the customer staff
  • Tribal knowledge of customer goals, policies and procedures

Contextual approach ensures that valuable time is not lost collecting data and re-tracing steps in the typical support engagement process.  Context shortens the path to resolution.

Long-term success

Context for the installation allows Re-Store to step beyond the manufacturer’s break/fix services and the triage of catastrophic failure into a continuous application of critical services.  Re-Store can provide the critical technical and manpower bridge during vacations and staff transitions. 

Continuous technical coverage provides the visibility to manage trends, spot at-risk situations and mentor customer staff.

Remote response

The AfterCare program is knowledge augmentation without the costs and delays of staff augmentation. 

The AfterCare process typically starts following a Re-Store installation of a new Spectrum Scale environment or following an on-site engagement to assess an existing installation and build context with the customer team. 

Once the agreement is active, most of the work will be performed as a mentor to the customer staff.  The Re-Store engineer can provide guidance via web meeting, email, or phone call.  The customer engineering team remains responsible for the customer systems under the guidance of the Re-Store team.

Critical Outages

AfterCare contracts can include an feature that ensures emergency response by an expert with context on the installation that’s ready to hit the ground running armed with resources

  • Context
  • Cross vendor / technology experience
  • Diagnostic support
  • Immediate access to vendor support
  • Resolution management