Software-Defined Infrastructure Specialists

Re-Store is IBM’s only specialist partner with an exclusive focus on technical computing.  Re-Store’s Grid Storage and Archive Solution (GSAS) is a comprehensive, modular solution that delivers on the promise of next-generation Software-Defined Infrastructures (SDI). 

 Software-defined techniques transform static datacenters into dynamic resources that drive data-aware customer workloads.  Re-Store fuses HPC, cloud (private/public/hybrid), virtualization, clustered filesystem, NAS and mass archive techniques to create compute-intensive and data-centric workflow systems.

Re-Store’s Unified Service Model delivers an end-to-end customer success

  • DESIGN – Architectural design and pre-sales planning
  • BUILD – Multi-Vendor / Multi-discipline implementation
  • SUPPORT – Long term success with context and continuity

Solution Architects with Spectrum Compute, Spectrum Scale, Spectrum Protect, Spectrum Archive, Spectrum Virtualize  and everything that’s possible with this suite of tools.



Re-Store is an specialist focused on the architectural design, implementation, and contextual support of complex digital infrastructures that flow through the existing installations, limitations, constrictions, and unique requirements of every job.

Our purpose-built, multi-dimensional designs are coherent with long-term priorities of growth, cost reduction and hardware lifecycles. Our unique team-based approach focuses on results that bridge the limitations inherent in the tools to the customer requirement.
Re-Store is recognized as a top sculptor of solutions that incorporate Spectrum Scale  File System (GPFS) and allow our customers to press the boundaries of science, scale, and scope.

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